Jumped head first in leading the UX team in bringing together 6 different applications and integrating them into a single platform that included unified messaging, help and support. Crafted the design patterns, component libraries, and defined Design Operations for the UX group and our partnership with Engineering and Product.
Defining the System
Taking feedback from current products and research, we learned our customers didn't have a good idea of what to work on first and what impact that work might have on their taxes and business. We began to outline a system that could better inform decisions and drive action.
Our goal was also to bring consistency to our flows and interactions. The applications previously created around the "Services" all had different interaction models. With the Smart Compliance Platform, we were able to bring clarity and consistency to all the actions within the different Services.
Page and Data Structures
Work had to be done across all the Services to ensure the model would be supported by the data from each of the Services. 
Workspace Screens
Filtering and Settings
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