Prior to this work, the Supplier Onboarding experience was fragmented and cumbersome. The friction from the experience caused 37% supplier drop off rate and turnaround time of over 40 days.
Understanding the Problem
The team went through different levels of research to ensure we were targeting the right areas to improve. The goal was to decrease the time it takes to onboard, reduce the amount of tickets and support needed to complete onboarding and reduce abandonment.
The Journey
To communicate how the new experience would come to life to other teams and to ground the teams understanding, the team created archetypes and and Experience Map to show where the experiences overlapped or diverged and how the design addresses the pain points and goals.
Flows and Iterations
Launching the new experience made it much easier and faster to get through large parts of the flow. Signing contracts, Insurance, and setting up payments, all happen in minutes through self-service and improved automation. Suppliers reported feeling in control of the process and found the new flows easy to work through. The overall experience reduced initial time for onboarding by over 20%.
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